Superpower Inc Targets Tenfold Improvement in Superconducting Wire Performance

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Superpower inc makes superconductors

* Superconducting wire consists of a strip a few thousandths of an inch thick of modified YBCO, surrounded by various other layers, including copper. To work, it must be chilled within a cryostat, a cooling device that uses liquid nitrogen to push the material down to superconducting temperatures.

* Superconducting wire’s more exotic materials, advanced manufacturing techniques and cooling needs all combine to raise its costs. It’s about six times as expensive as conventional copper wire.

* Superpower Inc has about half a dozen scientists and engineers and twice as many graduate students working in seven labs, which are spread across the University of Houston campus.
* Superpower Inc is aiming for a tenfold improvement in superconducting wire performance.

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