Universal Flu Vaccine Progress

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BiondVax is one of several companies working towards a universal vaccine for the Flu

BiondVax’s Approach

BiondVax’s approach uses a combination of conserved epitopes derived from the influenza virus as immunogens, forming the vaccine. The “conserved epitopes” are common to most human flu virus strains regardless of their antigenic drift and shifts. These conserved epitopes are used to activate the human immune system in a long-lasting and effective manner against known and future strains of the influenza virus. These conserved epitopes are restricted to the viral structure and are not shared by any human protein, thus they are unlikely to induce an autoimmune phenomenon.

Look at thousands of flu strains and find the molecular parts that remain unchanged and those unchanged molecular parts trigger immune response.

Phase II clinical trials were successfully completed.

The chosen peptides have three primary distinctive qualities:
* Immunogenicity: the selected peptides are immunogenic thus induce specific immune responses after exposure to the vaccine. A peptide that is immunogenic is also known as an epitope. These responses are reactivated following natural infection.

* Conserved epitopes: the epitopes are “conserved” i.e., they are not vulnerable to antigenic changes and remain unchanged despite changes that occur in other peptides forming part of the virus’ protein. This quality enables the vaccine to induce an immune response to a wide variety of virus strains, thus the term “a universal multi-season/multi-strain vaccine”.
* Combination of epitopes: The specific selection of conserved epitopes induce production of antibodies (by B-cells = humoral arm) and a variety of T-cells (= cellular arm). The activation of both arms of the immune system is responsible for the enhanced effect of this vaccine.

Key Benefits
* Multi-strain protection thus multi-season coverage. One vaccination schedule is expected to confer three to five years protection against the flu.

* Year-round vaccination is possible independent of the flu season and according to patient preferences and health authorities’ multi year vaccination program.

* Over 95% efficient in humanized mouse model.
* Short production cycle: Recombinant technology allows year-round production planning, and marketing optimization.

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