Zeroloft Aerogel Jackets Provides Better Cold Protection than a Down Jacket Ten Times Thicker

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Canadian adventurer Jamie Clarke is putting the zeroloft aerogel material to the ultimate test by climbing part of Mount Everest in a thin jacket made by Champion that contains Zeroloft. The 0.15-inch-thick windbreaker is as warm as a goose down jacket 1.6 inches thick.

Aerogel blankets can be 33% thinner than fiberglass insulation for pipes.

Aspen Aerogel’s Zeroloft website is here

* At 15 psi pressure, aerogel insulation retains over 85% of its original thickness and over 97% of its original thermal performance.
* It is made of 99.8% air, air is locked in a solid material and cannot escape even under 600 psi.
It provides 39 times more insulating capacity than the best fiberglass insulation
It is chemically identical yet 3,000 times less dense than glass.

Zeroloft technology page is here

Zeroloft Success stories

* Endurance runner Xy Weiss completed the 135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon wearing aerogel insoles.Zero-Loft™ Insulation withstood the extreme heat of Death Valley, where temps hit 124°F from Badwater to Stove Pipe Wells, the killer stretch where many runners drop out.

* Mountaineer Anne Parmenter summited Mount Everest using Zero-Loft™ boot insoles and sleeping pad. The only problem I had was my feet were too hot. What a great problem to have as a mountaineer.

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