AMD Announces New Firestream 9350 and Firestream 9370 GPU Accelerator Boards

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AMDannounced its next-generation FireStream GPU accelerator boards.

* The FireStream 9350 and 9370 represent the company’s attempt to match the pace NVIDIA has set with its “Fermi” Tesla-20 GPU offerings launched this spring.
* The dual-slot 9370 device boasts 2.64 teraflops of single precision performance and 528 gigaflops of double precision performance. From a raw FLOPS standpoint, this matches up well with NVIDIA’s latest “Fermi” parts, which deliver 1.03 single precision teraflops and 515 gigaflops double precision.
* The lesser 9350 offering is a single-slot board that delivers 2.0 teraflops of single precision and 400 gigaflops of double and only consumes 150 watts of power.

* The new FireStream boards are slated for general availability in Q3 2010
* The Firestream boards still do not have error corrected memory (ECC)
* No support for asynchronous data transfers, concurrent kernels, and C++ and no L1 and L2 caches

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