American Superconductor and Hyundai Heavy Industries will Jointly Make 5 Megawatt Superconducting Wind Turbines by the end of 2011

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American Superconductor and Hyundai Heavy Industries will jointly development a 5 megawatt (MW) full conversion wind turbine primarily for use in the burgeoning offshore wind industry. HHI plans to begin volume production of the wind turbines by the end of 2011.

In October 2008, AMSC Windtec licensed 1.65 and 2 MW doubly-fed induction wind turbine designs to HHI. HHI already has begun volume production of the 1.65 MW wind turbines and has ordered nearly 80 sets of electrical control systems and power electronic components from AMSC for this platform. HHI also has ordered an initial 10 wind turbine electrical control systems from AMSC for use in its first 2 MW wind turbines. HHI plans to commission its first 2 MW wind turbines by June 12, 2010 and plans to enter volume production of these wind turbines by the end of this year.

AMSC’s D-VAR grid interconnection technology, including our D-VAR RT low voltage ride through solution, is being utilized by more than 70 wind farms in seven countries worldwide to meet local grid interconnection requirements (10% of the World’s wind uses AMSC components.)

The world’s wind power capacity grew by 31 percent in 2009 with the addition of 37.5 gigawatts (GW), bringing total global installations up to 157.9 GW. Annual wind installations in China are expected to grow from approximately 14,000 MW in 2009 to 20,000 MW in 2011

Under a new agreement, Sinovel and AMSC’s wholly-owned AMSC Windtec(TM) subsidiary, will design and jointly develop a range of advanced, multi-megawatt-scale wind turbines that Sinovel plans to market and sell worldwide.

Sinovel expects to begin volume production of these multi-megawatt-scale wind turbines by the end of 2012 and, as part of the agreement, will purchase core electrical components from AMSC for these new machines

Sinovel is China’s largest wind turbine manufacturer and now ranks as the world’s third largest wind turbine manufacturer based on its market share in 2009. In 2009, Sinovel shipped approximately 2,400 of its 1.5 MW wind turbines (branded the SL1500) and approximately 100 of it 3 MW wind turbines (branded the SL3000).

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