Chatroulette plans genital image recognition software to block perverts

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Chatroulette is where users can “meet” and chat with random people with a click of a mouse. Popular Science reports that in order to reduce the parade of penises, the service is planning to add image-recognition software that will filter out shots of male genitalia.

Most futurists from 2005 or earlier probably might not have predicted the need for this artificial intelligence project. Less predictable might have been the exact fad of Chatroulette. Although porn blocking software is common, so any video or picture communication with certain anonymity is showing the need for porn filters.

So something to look forward to when there are 3d holographic communication systems and holodecks will be the exhibitionism and porn and the need for porn filters.

There are videos online from the Daily Show and South Park which feature Chatroulette.

Changes could also include a system that flags users who are consistently “nexted” — skipped past — presumably because they are exposing themselves or otherwise being disgusting.

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