China On Track to Starting Ling Ao 2 Nuclear Reactor in October and Japan Progressing to Implement New Energy Plan

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1. China Ling Ao 2 reactor has achieved criticality and is on track for October, 2010 commercial operation.

The reactor is the third CPR-1000 to be built, representing a development from a French 900 MWe design imported in the 1990s: The CPR-1000 can deliver 1080 MWe and has a design life of 60 years. Four CPR-1000s are under construction at Hongyanhe, due to start up between 2012 and 2014.

2. Japan has a new energy plan to reduce green house gases and increase nuclear power from now to 2030. The Economy and Trade Ministry approved it and the new Japanese administration is expected to implement it.

Both of these items were in an April, 2010 Nextbigfuture nuclear news roundup but are continuing to progress.

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