Forrester Predicts that Tablets Will Finish Killing the Desktop PC

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Techcrunch reports a Forrester projection that Tablet form factors will push the Desktop PC towards fourth place behind laptops, tablets and netbooks.

Laptops and netbooks will hold their marketshare, but tablets will grow and take marketshare from PCs.

The Forrester analysis does not include the increasing displacement of traditional desktop PC functions by smartphones, ereaders and gaming platforms (like XBox, Wii and Sony Playstation.)

By 2015, the cumulative number of people using tablets is predicted to be 59 million.

Nvidia Tegra 2 Netbook and Smartphones

There is an expectation that the Nvidia Tegra 2 chip and its successors will get some of the future netbook, smartphone and tablet markets.

The Toshiba AC100-114 has the following specifications :

* 10.1-inch netbook with NVIDIA Tegra T20 GPU chipset
* 512MB of RAM with a 16GB solid-state hard drive, an HDMI port, an SDHC card reader, WiFi b/g/n and a 10/100 ethernet port.
* 4-5 hour battery life

Android and Me talks about the Nvidia Tegra 2 specifications and the expectation of android smartphones in the second half of 2010.

Key features of Tegra 2:

Dual-core ARM Cortex -A9 MPCore Processor
* Symmetric Multi-Processing support for blazing fast web browsing performance, improving load times and rendering of complex pages
* Processing efficiency of Cortex-A9 provides industry leading performance in lowest power envelope

Ultra Low Power NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
* Enhanced NVIDIA graphics technology, enabling full Flash acceleration for an uncompromised HD web browsing experience
* Next generation 3D rendering performance for the most compelling user interfaces and advanced mobile games

Full High Definition Multimedia
* Up to 1080p video encode/decode and support for HD Web streaming formats, such as YouTube HD
* Complete HW accelerated HD multimedia engine for visually stunning movie playback at lowest possible power
* Up to 12 megapixel camera sensor support

NVIDIA Low Power Management Architecture
* Effective power management techniques, such as dynamic voltage and frequency scaling, for ultra-efficient power consumption across all use cases
* Low-power design delivers over 140 hours audio and over 16 hours of HD video playback

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