Steve Jobs Officially Revealed the iPhone 4

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Steve Jobs officially revealed the iPhone 4

Jobs introduced the new iPhone 4, a stainless-steel-and-glass mobile device that is nearly 25 percent thinner than the current version.

“In 2010, we are gong to take the biggest leap since the original iPhone,” Jobs said. “We are introducing the iPhone 4. This is really hot. There are well over 100 new features.”

* the iPhone 4 will have longer batter life, including 40 percent more talk time. Talk time will increase from five hours to seven hours per charge

* A new 5 megapixel camera records HD video (old camera was 3 megapixel)
* a gyroscope for improved rotation sensitivity

The iPhone OS 4 was already revealed in April, 2010 and it will add multi-tasking when it is available this summer.

Apple Insider coverage

The new display is 960 by 640 pixels, with an 800-to-1 contrast ratio
The new iPhone has camera flash, front-facing camera, a second noise-canceling microphone, and a gyroscope for six-axis motion sensing.

The structure of the phone is now connected to the antennas, improving the reception of the iPhone with its stainless steel border

The hardware has an LED camera flash and a micro-SIM slot

Other Apple News

The Operating system was renamed iOS4 since it can run on iPhones, iPads and iPods.

This month, Apple expects to sell its 100 millionth iOS-based device. Jobs said that shows that there is a large market for developers to make a profit. The golden master candidate of iOS 4 is available for developers beginning immediately.

Also a part of iOS 4 is iAds, Apple’s mobile advertising network. Developers are paid through iTunes Connect, just like with applications, and can add the ads in an afternoon, Jobs said.

There is a new $4.99 mobile version of iMovie for editing video.

The iPad has grabbed 22% of the ebook market.

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