Survey Finds iPhone Users Want Features Available now on Android Phones

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A new study from interactive research and technology firm Vision Critical looks at the features that would get consumers excited about the iPhone.

iPhone Users or potential iPhone Users want features available now on google android phones but they would prefer them with all the rest that comes with Apple iPhones.

  List of features not offered on the new iPhone 
  "Which, if any, of these features would interest you the most?"
-----------------------------------------------------------                                    Canada      USA             UK
FM radio tuner                      43%      30%            34%
Choice of wireless networks         not asked      39%      not asked
A 4G network                        35%      38%            30%
8 megapixel camera                  28%      33%            45%
A larger display                    25%      30%            30%
Wireless syncing                    29%      28%            34%
Removable battery                   24%      27%            28%
A physical keyboard(not touchscreen)17%      21%            19%
None of these                       17%      16%            19%

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