Applying the Pseudogap Electrno Difference to Get to Closer Room Temperature Supercondutors

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The discovery of asymmetries in the formation of liquid crystals eventually led to their control. The result was the liquid-crystal display. Now, researchers at Brookhaven National Laboratory believe they have found similar asymmetries in the formation of superconductors, potentially leading to their control and subsequent room-temperature operation.

>Detecting a difference in electron behavior at the two oxygen sites within each copper-oxide unit at the pseudogap energy may be a very significant step toward identifying exactly what the pseudogap state is and how it affects superconductivity.

Next, the researchers said they plan to investigate how the change in asymmetry affects the resistance-less flow of electricity in potential room-temperature superconductors. They then hope to find a method for enabling them to maintain their superconductivity at higher temperatures.

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