Carnival of Nuclear Energy 12

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The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 12 is up at Idaho Samizdat

This site provided two articles:
Stealth nuclear fusion company Tri-alpha Energy has raised another $50 million.

My predictions for Kazakhstan uranium production for 2010 to 2015. And the new 2010, 2011 Kazakhstan uranium production bets with Dittmar.

Rod Adams at Atomic Insights corrects the New York Times reporting that solar power is now as cheap as nuclear power.

In addition to failing to mention the terms and conditions under which electricity is being offered, Blackburn and Cunningham bury a few “minor” details about solar electricity real costs in an appendix. As they admit in a section that few people will read, the price that some installers are talking about charging utilities is the “net” price – after they receive and bank all currently offered payments from other taxpayers and after they have obtained taxpayer subsidized 25 year amortization, tax free loans. In North Carolina today, a homeowner who purchases a solar energy system receives a 30% cash grant from the federal government and a 35% cash grant from the state government.

Using the example provided in the paper, those cash payments turn a 3 KWe (max capacity), $18,000 system that produces electricity at 35 cents per kilowatt hour (if financed at 6% interest for 25 years) into a system costing the homeowner just $8,190 and producing electricity for a total of 15.9 cents per kilowatt hour – when the sun is shining. Of course, that means that the homeowner has received a grant of $9,810 from his or her neighbors, some of whom may not own a home (renters) or even own a roof (condo and apartment dwellers). Blackburn and Cunningham admit that they did not include energy storage costs of any kind (pg 11).

Nuclear green reports that it is becoming increasingly likely that a small Generation IV nuclear plant will find its way onto the grounds of a coal fired power plant near you soon.

Check out the Carnival of Nuclear Energy 12 is up at Idaho Samizdat for more

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