Carnival of Nuclear Energy 9

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Carnival of nuclear energy number 9 is up at Atomic Insights.

Dan Yurman has an article that asks “Is Asia Rising to Dominate the Global Nuclear Industry ?”

* India plans to add 20 GWe of nuclear generating capacity over the next two decades
* Japan is aligning its nuclear industry to support exports of nuclear reactors and to respond to the competitive threat from South Korea
* Malaysia is looking into acquiring small reactors to meet its energy needs
* China is planning to increase its nuclear energy generating capacity from the current level of 9 GWe to 70 GWe by 2020
* Chinese nuclear market will increasingly be driven by national companies building new reactors using Westinghouse AP1000 technology.
* so on the build side and on the buying side it is mostly asian countries.

Charles Barton at Nuclear Green continued with his part two of his white paper analyzing ways to introduce lower cost low carbon energy systems in his post titled White Paper Draft: Deployment and Lowering Post-Carbon Energy Costs, Part 2.

Both the LFTR (liquid flouride thorium reactor) and the ARC-100 could meet the 99% reduction of nuclear waste target. In addition both could be effective tools for reducing the amount of TRU fount in spent light water reactor fuel.

Articles from this site were:
I won one of my bets with Michael Dittmar. The one about world uranium production for 2009. Dittmar was too low by 15%. He predicted 44,000 tons or less and I predicted 49,722 tons while the actual number was 50,572 tons. Dittmar has also predicted that world uranium production will not go over 45,000 tons/year through 2018. He is and will be more and more wrong. Dittmar published his wrong predictions in arxiv and had it published on and Technology Review Arxiv blog and the Economist magazine and several newspapers.

I performed some calculations around the Diamond methane Impact fusion simulations to find that net energy would be produced. It is another promising approach for nuclear fusion.

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