DARPA Flying Submarine and Project to Achieve Quantum Mastery of Biology

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1. Alfin has coverage of the DARPA effort to develop flying submarines. The current goal is to fly at 70 miles per hour and dive to 150 feet.

Here is a link to a page on the FS1 (Flying Sub 1) from the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea TV Show

2. DARPA has the biochronicity project to master biology

Biochronicity and Temporal Mechanisms Arising in Nature (BaTMAN) could develop an understanding of the relationship between biological systems and the spatial-temporal universe through the application of advanced principles from the physical sciences. In defining the relationship, one aim of this line of research is to transform biology from a descriptive to a predictive field of science.

Topic areas that may be of interest include, but are not limited to: quantum biology and molecular clocks; resetting and synchronization of biological clocks and rhythms; microscale recapitulation in macroscale; evolutionary pressure and time; physiological signal processing and clocks; timing and cognition; and robustness of clocks in development.

And another related project

Robustness of Biologically-Inspired Networks (RoBIN), seeks to apply the critical control features of biological networks to build unique models for adaptable networks, and create a dynamic biologically-inspired network of scientists and other experts for crisis response and complex decision support.

Topic areas that may be of interest include, but are not limited to: exploring collective behavior and recruitment, counter deception, modularity in networks and biology, models of robustness, recruitment of expertise, synthetic immune surveillance, model and design of robust biological networks, self-organized complexity across scales, and robust adaptive response systems.

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