Kitegen had to Abandon Another Site But Its 3 Megawatt Prototype at Sommariva Perno Should be Flying in August 2010

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Kitegen is a system for generating wind power from kites. It has faced a lot of bureaucratic and fund raising intrigue in Italy. It is featured at the Italian pavillion at the World Expo in Shanghai.

At Sommariva Perno – at the landfill at Cascina the magician the Kitegen Stem (3 megawatt) prototype will be built. It will use high altitude wind. It should be flyingin August or September of 2010.

If the first kitegen stem prototype is successful, then five stems will be installed. Those five would generate about 15 megawatts.

The council of Roero on Thursday, April 29, said yes to the Kitegen testing. The Kitegen invention was considered among the 20 most innovative ideas in the world at the climate summit in Copenhagen.

The work will start shortly. “Within a short time, probably three months [from the May 11, 2010 date of the article. By the end of August, 2010], you can see the first prototype installed through a permit as a temporary mobile site, added the Mayor, “For Sommariva Perno, it is a great opportunity, since the investor behind this project is Michael Comino Ro.Re holder of Sommariva Perno. Also he has founded a second company, Varco, to follow the construction, assembly and shipping of the world of Kite Gen.

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