Nuclear Fusion company Trialpha energy Has Raised another $50 million

Tri-alpha energy has reportedly raised another $50 million. Tri-alpha energy is a stealth company that is pursuing commercial nuclear fusion using field reversed configuration colliding beam fusion.

Here is an article from 2007 when they raised $40 million.

And I review some of their recent patents here.

The FRC plant layout from the 2010 patent application

The pdf of the patent can be downloaded here

The google copy of the patent is complete.

The patent is interesting reading to get insight into what Tri-alpha Energy is trying to achieve and how what they are doing compares to some other nuclear fusion approaches. Tri-alpha Energy has been very secretive about their work, but they have received about $50 million in funding. Tri-Alpha Energy had previously indicating that they believed that they could achieve the prototype for commercial nuclear fusion (net positive energy at the scale of a commercial plant) at about the 2015-2020 timeframe.

Here is an image of the magnetic fields and plasma

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