Recent Energy Related Deaths

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200 died in the Congo when a fuel truck spilled, exploded and caused a fire in nearby houses.

There have been 34 bodies recovered from a Columbian coal mine and the likely death toll is 74 (40 are still underground and presumed dead)

Three coal accidents in Henan Province.
At least 49 miners died after explosives detonated at Xingdong No. 2 Coal Mine on June 21, 2010. Another deadly gas explosion killed 76 people in the Xinhua No.4 pit in Xinhua District on Sept. 8, 2009. Luoyang City was home to a gas blast that killed 44 people in a coal pit in Yichuan County on March 31, 2010.

2,631 coal miners died in 1,616 mine accidents in China in 2009, down 18% from the previous year.

A Seattle woman was struck and killed by a coal train. 40% of the US freight rail cargo is coal. Each trainload of coal is about 15,000-20,000 tons and have about 120 train-cars with about 120 tons each. US Coal production is about 10,000,000 train car loads.

Preliminary analysis for US Coal supply and demand 2009:

Coal production decreased by 8.5 percent or 99.1 million short tons to a level of 1,072.8 million short tons
U.S. coal consumption decreased by 10.7 percent or 120.1 million short tons to a level of 1,000.4 million short tons

A natural gas pipeline rupture killed one worker and injured six others in Texas

The tally of those missing in landslides include 23 construction workers buried at the site of a hydroelectric dam early Tuesday in Sichuan Province.

No Solar Roof Installation Death But a Warning of Problems in Australia

This Australian article has a warning of risks and dangers of shoddy solar power installation.

Fearing a repeat of the ceiling insulation disaster, which led to house fires and the death of four installers, they have told the Federal Government it must change the way subsidies are allocated to safeguard homeowners and encourage a sustainable industry.

Solar Power industry leaders claiming shoddy work and poor safety standards are rife. Top companies have given warning that: - Shonky operators are flooding the solar power industry on the back of government subsidies. - Dangerous non-tempered glass and inferior imported panels are being used to cut costs. - There is evidence of installations in Queensland so poor that panels could fall off the roof.

Deaths per TWH for all energy sources.

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