Carnival of Nuclear Energy 14

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The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 14 is up at the Nuclear Energy Institute blog

NNadir is now blogging at Nuclear Green and has an article about Whither the Steel. NNadir discussed a number of topics including “one of [his] favorite things to do”: discredit Amory Lovins

Kirk Sorensen at Energy From Thorium wrote a dense three part piece titled: Enrichment, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the SWU. It’s always good to work out your brain with some calculations every once in awhile.

From Nextbigfuture for the Carnival
Kazatomprom is on track to produce 18,222 tons of uranium this year. I am on track to win a couple of more bets with Michael Dittmar. My Kazakhstan uranium production for 2010 and 2011 bets.

Amory Lovins is trying to push his Reinventing Fire plan to eliminate oil and coal usage by 2050 in the USA. It is interesting to notice how little has changed from his 1976 plan and the new plan. Basically he has dropped coal and is more in favor of natural gas. All the rest that mostly did not happen is the same. Some of the stuff that did happen has not had the result that Amory expected. Cogeneration is at 8% of total energy in the US now. Microgeneration or small scale natural gas and diesel is apparently at 18%. Yet overall energy usage is up.

Amory also pushes carbon fiber for cars (in his talks) as a way to lighten up all cars and increase efficiency. The experts in carbon fiber only expect the usage of carbon fibers in cars to increase to 8000 tons per year by 2018. This would be enough for 40,000 cars/year using 200 kg of carbon fiber (less than 1% of all cars). Cars have to compete with airplanes, wind turbines, natural gas tanks and golf clubs for carbon fiber. Scaling the supply chain is a bitch.

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