Carnival of Space 167

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Carnival of Space 167 is up at Space Tweep Society

This site provided the follow articles to the Carnival-

Spacex announces heavy launcher plans for 38-140 ton payloads

The US Army is developing nanomissile launchers for 10-23 kg nanosatellites

Details of the highly desired wide field infrared survey telescope which is hoped to be developed by 2020

Weird Warp looks at a detailed Artemis Society plan for human colonization of Europa (moon of Jupiter)

The main problem is the radiation as a human would only be able to last about 10 minutes on the surface. About 6 foot beneath the surface of the ice the ice would provide shielding from the radiation, so it would be a pretty tense time on the surface trying to drill down 6 feet quickly before your arms fell off. The Artemis Society get around this problem by assuming that technology in the future will be able to provide electromagnetic shielding.

Callisto has been proposed as a moon outside the radiation belt of Jupiter where a staging base could be built. The ice on Callisto could be mined and then shaped around the ship so that an orbit around Europa would not be instantly fatal.

there is a need to drill down through the ice from a small shielded (by ice) base on the surface. The colonists would drill down until they reach the ocean which could be as much as 100 km below the ice. An underground cavern would then be excavated or perhaps even found and would be an excellent place for a long-term base due to the protection from radiation and higher temperatures.

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