Carnival of Space 168 – space telescopes

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The Carnival of Space 168 is up at Weird Sciences.

This site provided :

The extremely large telescope projects : 24-42 meter telescopes and the LSST with several new tech advances.

The Laser Interferometer space antenna -LISA is a gravity wave observatory that would open an entirely new window in the universe. Using ripples in the fabric of space-time caused by the motion of the densest objects in the universe, LISA will detect the mergers of black holes with masses ranging from 10,000 to 10 million solar masses at cosmological distances, and will make a census of compact binary systems throughout the Milky Way. LISA’s measurements of black hole mass and spin will be important for understanding the significance of mergers in the building of galaxies. LISA also is expected to detect signals from stellar mass compact stellar remnants as they orbit and fall into massive black holes. Detection of such objects would provide exquisitely precise tests of Einstein’s theory of gravity. There may also be waves from unanticipated or exotic sources, such as backgrounds produced during the earliest moments of the universe or cusps associated with cosmic strings.

Simonstronomy has also taken a look at the decadal survey, New Worlds, New Horizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Exploring the first stars, galaxies, and quasars is a tremendous challenge, but our ability to look back in time to the beginnings of our Universe improves every year. Astronomers are now looking forward to the time when we can look backward as far as there is anything to see.

The second key science objective is Seeking Nearby, Habitable Planets.

The Planetary Society blog looks at the discovery of the first known L5 Trojan asteroid of Neptune

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