China Will Make the Godson 3B 128 Gigaflop chip for 2011 and Will Make Godson 3C 16 core 28 nm chip for 2012

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HPCWire reports that China will make the Godson 3B supercomputer chip for 2011. It will be a 64-bit server chip with extended vector processing using a 65 nanometer process. The 8-core CPU reportedly delivers a whopping 128 gigaflops, but consumes just 40W of power. The vector processing consists of a 256-bit SIMD unit, which include eight 64-bit multiply-accumulate units.

Earlier this year Shenzhen-based computer maker Dawning Information Industry Co. Ltd. created a petaflops system based on Intel and Nvidia processors and said its next generation will use the 16-core Godson 3C. Apparently the Godson 3C version will be manufactured on the 28nm node and is due out in 2012

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