GM shows updated versions of the Segway Followup PUMA now Called the En-V

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General Motors and its Chinese partner SAIC will unveil the EN-V two-seat electric concept at the Shanghai Expo in May

EN-V’s platform has evolved from the platform of the Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility (P.U.M.A.) prototype that was developed by Segway and debuted in April 2009.

GM EN-V spec sheet

Overall Track:   1,150 mm [45”]

Jiao (Pride)             400 kg [880 lb]
Xiao (Laugh)           410 kg [900 lb]
Miao (Magic)          415 kg [910 lb]       
Chassis Platform      210 kg [460 lb] 
Body Construction:           Painted carbon fiber
Closures:                 Front access (single door, with polycarbonate glazing)
Seating:                  2 passengers side by side, fixed bucket seats
Chassis Construction:      Magnesium casting (lower chassis)

Top Speed:                    40 km/h [25 mph]
Range:                     40 km [25 miles]            
Energy Consumption:       70 Wh/km [125 Wh/mile]                  
Turning Radius:         1.74 m [68.5”] wall to wall diameter

Propulsion System
Motor Type:           Brushless DC motors for propulsion, braking and steering
Power:             440 Nm (max. torque) and 18 kW (max. power)
Battery Type:        Lithium-ion phosphate (air cooled)  
Output:              3.2 kWh and 5 kW (regenerative braking)         

Autonomous Systems
Sensors:         Vision, ultrasonic and Doppler sensors
Wireless:          5.9 GHz dedicated short-range communication and GPS

Autonomous Functionality

-       Automated retrieval, via app-linked smart phone
-       Automated door opening, via app-linked smart phone
-       Platooning
-       Infotainment options (geo-locating other vehicles, audiovisual information)
-       Web-conferencing (social networking)
-       Collision avoidance between vehicles
-       Object detection
-       Automated parking, via handheld device

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