James Randi on Is there Such a Thing as Scientific Consensus

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James Randi on Is there Such a Thing as Scientific Consensus?

We can trust our perceptions, or so we like to believe. But James Randi knows better. Randi, who for half a century traveled the world as a celebrated conjurer and escape artist, takes the stage to demonstrate how human beings fool each other and themselves. Drawing on his extensive experiences as an investigator of paranormal, supernatural, and generally weird claims, Randi will argue that the inhabitants of the modern world are not as rational as they appear — and that as our technologies become ever-more potent, our hidden penchant for unreason becomes commensurately more dangerous. In singular times, it is the ethical responsibility of every thinking being to become an agent for the promulgation of critical thought, skepticism, and humility.

He notes that we all make assumptions. He then reveals a fake hand microphone and fake glasses (no lenses in it).

James Randi educational foundation

Describes how Lawrence Livermore scientists were tricked by someone doing the floating matchbox trick.

Describes going to a David copperfield show with an MIT Physicist.

The MIT person thought that the flying trick was related to superconductivity.
People need to learn more about optical illusions.

There is an online encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural.

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