Jose Cordeiro: The Future of Energy and the Energy of the Future

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Jose Cordeiro: The Future of Energy and the Energy of the Future
energy is $8 trillion per year industry
Jose has been involved in the millenium project for ten years.
He was going to be the secretary of energy for Venezuala if the opponent of Yugo Chavez had won
He is involved in the Singularity University.

Home energy generation project of the Singularity University

Herman Kahn – No limits to growth
The Next 200 years ( a book a few years after the club of Rome book)
It showed how the club of Rome book was wrong

Energy is decarbonizing from 1820 to 1880 it is mostly wood, then it was coal, then oil introduced and then natural gas and now a mix of hydro, nuclear, wind, geothermal and solar

Bob Metcalfe father of ethernet is promoting the Enernet

Venter working on synthetic bacteria/algae for fuel (take CO2 and water and excrete 99 octane diesel.)

Energularity, getting to kardashev 1

Japan space based solar power goals. by 2030 power Tokyo from space based solar
We need cheap energy. A lot of power 10-100 times more and lower cost by 2040.

He is moving Songdo City. South Korea.

New Songdo City at a glance

Location: beside the Yellow Sea in Incheon, South Korea.
Cost: $35 billion
Population: 250,000 residents
Footprint: 40 million square feet of office buildings; 35 million square feet of high-rise residential; 10 million square feet of retail; 5 million square feet of hotel space; 10 million square feet of public space.
It has a 100-acre Central Park modeled after the one in Manhattan, a Jack Nicklaus Golf Club and the tallest building in South Korea.
Architects include Kohn Pedersen Fox, HOK and Daniel Leibeskind, who drew up the blueprints for the new Twin Towers in New York City.

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