Kitegen 3 Megawatt Prototypes under Construction

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In an Italian video below, the next Kitegen (kite powered wind generator) is under construction at Berzano San Pietro, and at first it will produce less than 3 Megawatts. It will be equipped with a smaller-than-required kite of 100-150 square meters. The Stem will be like a giant fishing rod and will be very light and made of an aluminum composite panel with a honeycomb structure.

The flight altitude will be restricted to only 300 meter in that site due to a huge and complex bureaucracy problem.

Different cables will be tested there (dyneema, vectran and others) and the system will be presumably upgraded to 3MW later (depending on the authorization to fly higher). At Sommariva Perno Loc. Cascina del Mago a wind farm will be build with fully operating 3 Megawatt stems.

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