LG will Mass Produce 19 inch Flexible e-Paper and 9.7 inch Color E-paper by the end of 2010

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Korean elecronics manufacturer LG, who makes the screens for the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle, has revealed in SEC filings that they are continuing to break new ground with e-paper technology, moving forward with plans for both color and flexible models that will work with both e-readers and tablets.

LG Display has developed the world’s largest flexible electronic-paper screen measuring 25cm by 40cm, which translates into a 19-inch screen size. With 0.3mm thickness and 130g weight, it utilizes a metal foil instead of a traditional glass to make itself both flexible and durable.

Delta Electronics of Taiwan Has a 13 Inch color eReader Screen
Delta Electronics has a 13.1 inch display was developed in collaboration with Bridgestone and uses particle-based color e-paper technology rather than the e-Ink common in other e-Readers, or the LCD in tablets like the iPad.

At around 730 grams (about half the weight of an iPad) it’s probably lightweight enough to sling in a laptop bag or backpack and not impact too much on the already overburdened carrier. Delta Electronics is claiming a 6,000 page battery life, and 3G or WiFi connectivity. There’s pen input for making notes, too. It was shown off at Computex and should be commercially available by Dec, 2010.

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