Links to the Entire 2010 Singularity Summit Liveblogging

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Summary Links to the Entire Summit

The best of the 2010Singularity Summit

Shane legg has developed a formula and program that generates a continuous intelligence measurement for rating algorithms and systems This has the potential to more objectively guide the improvement of AI and algorithms.

Goertzel is using AI techniques to figure out useful things about the Genescient long lived flies.

Lance Becker on using cold and chemical cocktails to enable you to survive having no oxygen to your brain for hours instead of four minutes

The talk was not good but the work has big potential. Anita Goel is harnessing DNA polymerase in devices for rapid sequencing and as actuators.

The interesting inventions of Steve mann.

Details on brain computer interfaces

Combining neuroscience and machine learning as a hybrid approach to AGI

Average Talks

Vasser talk on the going from the scholarly methods to better science methods

David Hanson Builds robots that mimic humans and have character

On using haptics for faster reflexes and remote action

Ray Kurzweil talk on building brains

Reverse engineering brains within reach

Details on regenerating mice. Does not appear to be close to being applied to humans, although other DARPA regeneration work might be

Eliezer – simplified ethics

Ramez Naam the possibility of using advanced biotech to fix global warming and food and other issues

Jose Cordeiro has an overview of the future of energy

Lower end talks

James Randi – no such thing as scientific consensus – getting fooled and fooling yourself. Entertaining but not especially relevant or important.

Gregory Stock now believes the singularity could happen but human values will not survive. I disagree with his argument. It is too general to make a convincing case

A panel on narrow and general AI. Not very illuminating

Tooby talks about evolutionary biology and tries to connect it to AI. Boring and impenetratable.

Irene Pepperberg has smart parrots and chimps and parrots are about equal to 6 year old humans in many cognitive capabilities

what cells can do that robots cannot

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