More on the Near Future of ETFE and fabric architecture

PTFE and PVC membranes treated with TiO² also remove significant volumes of nitrogen oxide (NOx) from the atmosphere. In this reaction between TiO² and the air, both nitrogen and sulphur oxide from vehicle exhaust emissions, are decomposed to produce cleaner, purer air; at a rate of 1.2g (NOx)/1000 m2/h

MakMax Australia is working to develop titanium dioxide (Ti02) coated fabric, ETFE and Kenafine – remarkable advances that positively impact on a cleaner, greener environment.

* translucent membranes transmit up to 92% of daylight, they provide a naturally superior light source and dramatically reduce the demands on electricity

* Cleaner air – TiO2 photo catalyst technology reacts with the atmosphere to absorb nitrogen oxide (NOx) and purify the air. Our recently developed Kenafine® product is a biomass membrane material made with fibres from the herb, Kenaf. This herb is renowned for its ability to absorb more harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than any other plant or tree.

* New fabric Tensotherm provides your building with a lightweight, beautifully translucent tensile fabric roof, along with impressive thermal and acoustic benefits. What’s Tensotherm? It’s an innovative thin insulated composite roofing material created from proven PTFE tensile membrane fabric, with the most efficient insulation material – pound for pound– ever engineered – Nanogel® translucent aerogel.