Reaction Engines of the UK Who is Developing the Skylon Spaceplane Has a Video of a Proposed Mission to Mars

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The latest REL movie on Project TROY was completed in May, 2010. The Company has devised a Mars mission scenario where SKYLON is used as the launch vehicle to Earth orbit. The aim of the movie is demonstrate how a feasible, affordable, practical and safe mission to Mars can be achieved using SKYLON to enable a team of explorers to land at three sites and explore over 90% of the surface. This mission architecture also creates the infrastructure to support further missions. The Project TROY movie shows what a Mars mission would look like and how it would be constructed and performed.

We have interviewed Richard Varvill, the Technical Director and Chief Designer at Reaction Engines Limited. Reaction Engines Limited is a UK company that is developing a fully reusable launch system called skylon. Skylon is an unpiloted reusable spaceplane that will have a hybrid jet/rocket engine and take off from an airport to achieve orbit. Mr. Varvill believes that Skylon could begin flight testing by 2020, and may eventually reduce launch costs to as low as $5 million per flight

Richard Varvill answered some follow up questions as well.

We track the progress of Reaction engines and the skylon related projects and examine the technological innovations that they are attempting with lightweight systems, heat exchangers and other work.

You can also watch the SKYLON Personnel/Logistics Module (SPLM) movie, narrated by Brian Blessed. The SPLM movie visualizes how humans could be transported by the SKYLON spaceplane.

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