Silicene Atom Thick Silicon Has Graphene Like Electronic Properties

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Silicene ribbons have been prepared for the first time by physicists in France. The leaders of that effort, Hamid Oughaddou from Cergy-Pontoise University and Bernard Aufray of the French National Center for Scientific Research say that silicene ought to be able to do everything graphene can, with the extra advantage of already being compatible with existing silicon technology

Applied Physics Letters – Evidence of graphene-like electronic signature in silicene nanoribbons

We report on the electronic properties of straight, 1.6 nm wide, silicene nanoribbons on Ag(110), arranged in a one-dimensional grating with a pitch of 2 nm, whose high-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy images reveal a honeycomb geometry. Angle-resolved photoemission shows quantum confined electronic states of one-dimensional character. The silicon band dispersion along the direction of the nanoribbons suggests a behavior analogous to the Dirac cones of graphene on different substrates.

Arxiv – Epitaxial growth of graphene-like silicon nano-ribbons

Graphene, a flat monolayer of carbon atoms tightly packed into a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice (a one atom thick graphite sheet), is prensently the hottest material in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Its challenging hypothetical reflection in the silicon world is coined « silicene »; Here, we have demonstrated that the silicon nano-wires self-aligned in a massively parallel array recently observed by STM on Ag(110), are true silicene nano-ribbons. Our calculations using density functional theory clearly show that Si atoms tends to form hexagons on top the silver substrate in a honeycomb, graphene-like arrangement.

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