South Korea Making Nuclear Reactors for Turkey and New Comanche Peak Reactors for Texas

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Turkey and South Korea are planning in mid-November to enter into one of the most important phases of the process of building a nuclear power plant in northern Turkey worth nearly $10 billion. (H/T Dan Yurman) Under an intention voiced jointly by Turkey and South Korea early this year, South Korea is expected to build Turkey’s second nuclear power plant in Sinop in the Black Sea area. Under a separate agreement, Russia is due to build Turkey’s first nuclear plant near the Mediterranean coast. The Korean power plant is planned to cost around $10 billion. South Korean nuclear plants also are the least expensive in terms of unit power generation, according to industry sources. The South Korean option costs about $2.3/Watt, while that figure is $2.9/Watt in the case of France and Japan, $3.05/Watt for Russia and $3.58/Watt for the United States.

Two proposed new reactors, with nearly 50 percent more generating capacity at Comanche Peak in Texas. The new reactors will be able to generate 1,700 megawatts each, or 3,400 total, boosting the plant’s capacity by 148 percent to 5,700 megawatts. Luminant CEO David Campbell recently estimated that the project would cost $15 billion to $20 billion

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