The Status of the $1000 Genome Race

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Omics ! Omics ! reviews the status of the race to the arbitrary standard of $1000 per genome with 30 times coverage for reagants only

* Applied Biosystems’ SOLiD 4 platform can supposedly generate a genome for $6000, though even with pricing from academic core labs I can’t actually buy that for less than about $12000
* The SOLiD 4 hq upgrade is promised for this fall with a $3000/genome target.

The SOLiD™ 4 System provides 100 GB for the $6,000* Quality Genome** today, extendable to 300 GB for the $3,000* Quality Genome** with conversion to the SOLiD™ 4hq System

* Complete Genomics deals only in complete genomes and only in bulk. Complete Genomics has already declared to be at $1000/genome in reagent costs.

* Illumina with HiSeq is supposedly at $10000 per genome
* IonTorrent’s technology needs 300 times improvement. For $500 you’d get 150Mb of data, or about 0.1X for $1000
* Ion Torrent is working on a chip with about 4X the number of features. 4 rounds of quadruplings would get them there. If Life Technology could get 4 times every 6 months, then that would only be two years to a $1K genome. IonTorrent is apparently achieving only about a 1/8th efficiency in converting chip features to sequence-generating sites; better loading schemes might squeeze another few fold out
* there are many proposed and in development nanopore-based systems and Gnu Bio’s sequencing-by-synthesis-in-nanodrops approach, but they are not commercial yet so there is no actual pricing.

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