After Gingerbread Google Android 3.0 there will be Honeycomb Google Android 3.5 in 2011

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Samsung is already hard at work on next-generation tablets that will run on Google’s upcoming Android 3.5 Honeycomb platform.

Unlike Gingerbread, which is supposed to take Android 2.2 [also known as FroYo, short for Frozen Yoghurt] all the way up to version 3.0 and promises to include a radically new user interface that takes full advantage of the advanced graphics rendering capabilities in upcoming smartphones, Honeycomb is supposed to be to Gingerbread what FroYo was to Éclair.

Honeycomb is expected nothing more than a point release. Intmobile believes that Google’s Chrome OS will be what powers tablets and that Android 3.X will eventually trickle down into manufacteres midrange portfolios.

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