Carnival of Nuclear Energy 17

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1. Dan Yurman of Idaho Samizdat reports Turkey may have another major nuclear reactor deal in the works.

According to English language press reports from Ankara, South Korea is positioned to sign contracts by November to build a $10 billion project. An energy official said the Sinop plant would have four reactors and a total capacity of 5.6 GWe.

2. Yes VermontYankee, has Monday Blue Ribbon: People making a difference to nuclear power – Yes Vermont Yankee honors Robert Hargraves for his work in nuclear energy education and thorium reactors, and Margaret Harding for her effective response to one of the Union of Concerned Scientist “fission stories” (aka “fission fiction”).

3. Yes Vermont Yankee has a comparison of nuclear power with a planned solar thermal installation. A proposed solar thermal plant in the California desert will cost six billion to build, take six years to complete, and only make electricity when the sun is shining. Guest blogger Willem Post compares this to a new nuke.

4. Canadian Energy Issues has jobs at nuclear plants are not generally regarded as “green jobs.” Basic number crunching shows they are by far the greenest of all power-sector jobs. In this article, Steve Aplin reports on a visit to the Bruce generating station on Lake Huron, where 7,000 people are helping generate 4,500 megawatts of carbon-free baseload electricity while readying another 1,500 MW of refurbished capacity.

5. Atomic Insights by Rod Adams has Cooperative Effort is Required to Build Large New Nuclear Power Plants and Allow Those Projects to Create Jobs.

Article summary: One of the weapons used against nuclear energy is that building large, complex projects often requires government assistance. That is especially in an industry where the construction and manufacturing infrastructure experienced 30 years without an order. In this post, however, I argue that enabling a large, cooperative team to find financial resources is an appropriate role for a government interested in long term prosperity and near term employment opportunities.

6. World nuclear news had a table of accidents and immediate fatalities by energy source.
This was covered here earlier today, but is here again

Summary of severe accidents that occurred in fossil, hydro and nuclear energy chains in the period 1969-2000


                   OECD                 Non-OECD

Energy chain   Accidents Deaths Deaths/ Accidents  Deaths Deaths/
                                GWey                      GWey
Coal              75     2259   0.157     1044   18,017   0.597

(China 1994-1999)                          819   11,334   6.169

(without China)                            102     4831   0.597  

Oil              165     3713   0.132      232   16,505   0.897

Natural Gas       90     1043   0.085      45      1000   0.111

LPG               59     1905   1.957      46      2016  14.896

Hydro              1       14   0.003      10    29,924  10.285

Nuclear            0        0   -           1        31*  0.048

Total            390     8934            1480    72,324   

* These are immediate fatalities only GWey: Gigawatt-year of electric power
Source: Data provided to the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency by the Paul Scherrer Institute

7. 4 Factor Consulting has Fission Fiction – or how David Lochbaum got it wrong

Mr. Lochbaum’s research regarding instability events at nuclear power plants was incomplete. Because he then drew hasty conclusions from his incomplete research, he has mad erroneous statements about the facts regarding an incident at Perry NPP in 2004-5.

8. 4 Factor consulting also has a post describing the quality and safety regime in the nuclear industry and details some of INPO’s contributions to the improvements in safety in the nuclear industry. The BP Disaster: Why Something like It Could Never Happen at a Nuclear Facility

9. Nukepowertalk has a summary of some key points of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency report on “Comparing Nuclear Accident Risks with Those from Other Energy Sources,” and comments on some of the comparisons.

10. Brian Wang of Nextbigfuture will speak on Oct 5th, 2010 in Mountain View at TEDxbayarea on the top if Uncommon Wisdom about Energy

Uncommon wisdom about Energy – What is and is not dangerous and what are the best options.

What are the deaths per TWH for all energy sources? How should this factor into energy plans
What is the big view of energy subsidies and energy infrastructure costs ?
75% of the energy over the next few decades will be built outside the OECD (not north america or europe), so cost estimates for making a US nuclear reactor is not that important.

Where will the real energy future be ?
What are the costs and timeframes and supply chains ?
Why proliferation from commercial nuclear reactors was never that important and will be even less important.

The importance of advanced uprating and factory mass production.
Advances in nuclear fission technology
Promising Nuclear fusion possibilities for 2015-2025
Wind - kite generation and 1000 foot turbines
What are the best ways to improve energy efficiency ?
Biofuel - seaweed, weeds and algae

11. Startup Alphabet Energy could begin converting excess heat at nuclear, coal and gas plants to electricity at less than $1 per watt starting in 2012

12.The Czech Republic could build five nuclear reactors and China and Russia will work together on floating nuclear reactors

13. Here are details of the subcritical accelerator driven thorium nuclear reactor designed by Nobel Laureate Carlo Rubbia. This reactor was given a supportive article by the UK Telegraph. It has been extensively studied for over 15 years and is expected to have half the cost of existing light water reactors and burn up almost all of the nuclear fuel. The Norwegian group Aker Solutions has bought Dr Rubbia’s patent for the thorium fuel-cycle, and is working on his design for a proton accelerator at its UK operation. They are raising 100 million pounds ($150 million USD) for the next stage of an estimated 2 billion pound ($3 billion USD) project to develop the first commercial unit.

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