Carnival of Nuclear Energy 18

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The 18th Carnival of Nuclear energy is up at the ANS Nuclear Cafe

Nextbigfuture provided an article about the General Atomic EM2 reactor which was presented at the Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) meeting held in late August. Nuclear and defense supplier General Atomics announced in February, 2010 that they would launch a 12-year ($1.7 billion) program to develop a new kind of small, commercial nuclear reactor in the U.S. that could run on spent fuel from big reactors.

Nextbigfuture also had an article about NuScale, which is developing a 45 MW light water reactor. Nuscale also gave a presentation to the BRC. The company’s initial pre-application review meeting was held with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on July 2008. NuScale anticipates filing design certification application in 2012. NuScale forecasts the first plant can be online producing electricity from 2018. NuScale’s reactor will be factory built. The entire reactor will be prefabricated and shipped by rail, truck or barge. It will weigh about 300 tons for each module for 60 foot long and 14 foot in diameter cylinder

Kirk Sorensen from Energyfromthorium gave a statement to the BRC about thorium reactors

There was also a presentation by Robert Hargraves about the Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactor and the Aim High vision to develop the reactor within ten years and eliminate coal usage in 38 years.

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