Carnival of Space 171

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Starry Critters is hosting the Carnival of Space 171

This site provided the interview of John Hunter of Quicklaunch.

Quick­launch is hop­ing to cre­ate a method for launch­ing unmanned pay­loads into orbit for $500 per pound. The Quick­launch approach shoots pay­loads into orbit using a large hydro­gen pow­ered cannon.

This site also provided an update of the Reaction Engines work towards the Skylon Spaceplane

Reaction Engines has been undergoing internal preparations for significant events, which are to be covered in their September update. UK officials will meet next week at a special two-day workshop next week, which will investigate how it can be developed commercially.

Weird warp reports on work towards cheap selenium based solar cells.

A new study announced in the magazine Applied Physics Letters in August 2010 (published by the American Institute of Physics), explains how solar power could potentially be collected by using oxide materials that contain the element selenium. A team at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California, inserted selenium in zinc oxide, a relatively low-priced material that could make more economical use of the sun’s energy

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