Controlled Power Technologies has a mild Hybrid electric Vehicle design that affordably improves efficiency by 20%

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A series of affordable modifications are made to allow a 1.4 Litre engine to perform about as well as a 2 Litre engine

Controlled Power Technologies (CPT), in conjunction with AVL Graz, has been working for the past 18 months on addressing the currently uneconomic mild hybrid ‘gap’ with a value driven ’micro/mild‘ HEV solution, utilising CPT’s production ready VTES electric supercharger (19 page pdf). CPT and AVL’s most recent work assesses the potential of a VTES equipped downsized ELC‐Hybrid vehicle in combination with the CPT SpeedStart® Integrated Starter Generator and a cost effective and robust low voltage battery technology.

It will cost an additional 1500 to 4000 euros per car using this system in the 2015-2020 timeframe to meet new European CO2 emission standards (130 grams per kilometer) instead of an added 6000 to 18000 euros for a full hybrid or electric vehicle.

The paper builds on AVL’s ELC‐Hybrid concept and proposes that the combination of CPT’s VTES electric supercharger and SpeedStart® B‐ISG, within a cost effective ‘micro/mild’ hybrid system, enables significantly improved functionality, built upon intrinsically low cost micro‐hybrid sub systems. The use of a ‘carbon enhanced’ advanced VRLA ‘UltraBattery’ addresses the remaining challenge of robustly maximising energy recuperation during deceleration, and hence fully realising SpeedStart®’s potential for high power generation. The complementary use of VTES as a highly electrical energy efficient ‘torque enhancer’ dramatically reduces the electrical energy deficit created during typical transient acceleration events. This further enhances the viability of the low cost energy storage system. Such a synergistic approach enables existing technology engine and transmission combinations to be aggressively downsized and downspeeded to support very significant (>25%) vehicle CO2 reduction, whilst maintaining acceptable levels of driver enjoyment.

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