Femtotech Speculation

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Artificial intelligence researcher Hugo deGaris has speculated on Femtotechnology.

He has considered –
a) Nucleon Chemistry on the surface of neutron stars?
b) Stranglets (agglomerations of S(trange) quarks)?

At Hplusmagazine Hugo deGaris again mentions femtotechnology but does not provide any more progress to a path to achieving it. He also discusses artificial intelligence and a conflict that he expects between those who fully embrace greater than human artificial intelligence and those who do not.

Femtotech has been examined more closely by Bolonkin who has considered getting neutron sources and attempting to contain and control them sufficiently to generate femtoscale matter (custom nuclei).

Various other means are under consideration for generation of AB-Matter, what is certain however is that once the first small amounts have been achieved, larger and larger amounts will be produced with ever increasing ease. Consider for example, that once we have achieved the ability to make a solid AB-Matter film (a sliced plane through a solid block of AB-matter) and then developed the ability to place holes with precision through it one nucleon wide, a modified extrusion technique may produce AB-Matter strings (thin fiber), by passage of conventional matter in gas, liquid or solid state through the AB-Matter matrix (mask). This would be a ‘femto-die’ as Joseph Friedlander of Shave Shomron, Israel, has labeled it. Re-assembling these strings with perfect precision and alignment would produce more AB-matter film; leaving deliberate gaps would reproduce the ‘holes’ in the initial ‘femto-die’.

The developing of femtotechnology is easier, in one sense, than the developing of fully controllable nanotechnology because we have only three main particles (protons, neutrons, their ready combination of nuclei 2D, 3T, 4He and electrons) as construction material and developed methods of their energy control, focusing and direction.

There has been recent work generating neutron-neutron, neutron-proton and proton-proton pairs.

Beam of neutrons can be obtained by drilling a hole in the side of a nuclear reactor.

Neutron sources are listed at wikipedia

There was a paper that suggested the casimir force is involved in converting starquakes in neutron stars in gamma rays.

there has been recent progress to modify the casimir force and to make it repulsive as well as attractive. Success with casimir force manipulation could provide a greater ability to control and manipulate neutrons.

The neutron temperature, also called the neutron energy, indicates a free neutron’s kinetic energy, usually given in electron volts.

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