Google CEO sees a future of cloud computers empowering smartphones to augment your brain

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Google CEO Schmidt says that computers will clearly handle the things we aren’t good at, and we will handle the things computers clearly aren’t good at.

Schmidt was speaking at the Techcrunch Disrupt conference

AOL announced today that they are buying Techcrunch for a rumored $30 million.

* computers should be the ones driving cars. It seems to me (Schmidt) like a bug that cars were invented before computers.

* Google Instant provides real-time search results and shaves off microseconds of the search process to give part of your time back

* The search giant’s next step is to index just about everything else — including email and other data that people typically keep close to the chest. Google hopes to access that information “after asking for permission about 500 times” and provide users with an easier way to access the pore through the massive amount of information that a human brain typically couldn’t keep track of.

* the smartphone revolution has brought to the forefront with mobile apps like Google’s own Maps. LTE, the next generation of wireless networks that promises speeds of up to 50 megabits per second, will open up a whole host of data-intensive applications that will again “do the things that humans just aren’t good at,” Schmidt said.
* Schmidt predicts that smartphones will outsell PCs within two years

* The key technology that will help Google — and pretty much everyone — meet their lofty mobile goals is actually cloud computing, which will basically provide the computing firepower for data-intensive applications like translation apps and search remotely and out of sight and mind for users. “Cloud computing can be understood as the magic behind what the phones can actually do,” he said. “This is the stuff of science fiction, I’m thinking ‘oh my god we can actually do this.’”

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