Namibia’s Uranium production is up 17.7 from the first half of last year

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Namibia’s Uranium production improved by 9.9 percent during the second quarter of 2010 compared to the preceding quarter. Similarly, year-on-year, it rose by 17.7 percent. The demand for uranium continued to be high, emanated mostly from China, India and South Korea, coupled with planned nuclear plant programmes across the globe due to increased demand for clean energy.

Here is a four page fact sheet on prior Olympic Dam expansion plans.

Namibia was fourth largest producer of uranium in 2009. Namibia produced 4626 tons of uranium i 2009. A 17.7% increase for the entire year would be 5444 tons.

2. Australia’s BHP is consider a phased expansion, resulting in a slower increase in production than originally anticipated. Copper production will increase by 200,000 tons per year

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