R-jet Engineering of Israel is developing a more efficient jet engine

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The Economist magazine had recent coverage of R-Jet Engineerings orbiting combustion nozzle (OCN) engine.

To ease its entry into the market, R-Jet reckons OCN engines could be used first as generators to produce electricity or to power an unmanned drone. With operating experience, the engines could then migrate to airliners.

R-Jet Engineering, has been developing a gas turbine engine that intends to improve fuel efficiency and cut harmful greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20 percent. The new engine has fewer components, half the size of a conventional jet engine of the same power and is lighter weight than conventional engines. It also significantly cuts operation and maintenance costs.

The OCN (Orbiting Combustion Nozzle) engine is expected to reduce the cost of power generation by about 20% compared to other methods, with overall efficiency in OCN distributed power generation reaching more than 85%, double that of conventional methods.

One of the patents for the orbiting combustion nozzle engines is here

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