Russian Orbital Technologies Companies targets 2016 space hotel launch

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Russian company Orbital Technologies has announced its plans to launch in 2016 a commercial space station that will be used as a space hotel. It will be able to hold seven people.

Bigelow Aerospace is planing to deploy their inflatable commercial space station in 2014.
* Bigelow Aerospace plans to deploy our space station as early as 2014, ready to serve customers in 2015.
* Bigelow Aerospace clarifies that it will not be a space hotel.
* the first BA330 would hold six people on a long term basis

Because our founder is also in the apartment business, the media sometimes reports that we are building a space hotel. Instead, we anticipate that our clients primarily will be governmental and corporate entities interested in building an astronaut program or performing microgravity research.

Spanish company Galactic Suite is trying to get its space hotel up by 2013

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