Update on Focus Fusion Project

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They are about 2-3 months behind the planned progress in yield

Focus fusion provided an update for the dense plasma focus fusion project of Lawrenceville Plasma Physics

* Sept 1 all 10 switches were fired together
* It is now taking 100 nanoseconds to get to the maximum rate of increase, while with the automotive spark plugs it took 300 nanoseconds.
* Yield is ten times lower than they expected to at this current, close to 1 MA (megaamps) but they think they know how to fix things

* If there is insufficient angular momentum, the filaments crash into each other, causing a shock and absorbing much of the energy in the pinch, leaving too little left over for the plasmoid. If there is too much angular momentum, the filaments circle around each other without fully merging. But with just the right amount (the Goldilocks point!), the filaments spiral smoothly into each other, allowing the maximum energy to be transferred to the plasmoid. This would explain the sensitivity of the axial magnetic field adjustment and the lower-than-expected yields. If this hypothesis is valid, we should be able to double the radius of the plasmoids and thus increase their volume and fusion yield by 8-10 fold, through precision adjustment of the axial field. We will be investigating this more in September.

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