Vietnam could have a lot of uranium and has big nuclear energy plans

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Vietnam plans to mine uranium in the central province of Quang Nam to help support its nuclear power plans. The site targeted in Quang Nam may hold about 8,000 metric tons, while Vietnam’s nationwide uranium reserves may reach into the hundreds of thousands of tons. Vietnam’s Atomic Energy Institute signed an agreement with Canada’s NWT Uranium Corp. to assess the uranium potential of the Southeast Asian nation.

Beyond uranium, Vietnam has a three-phase plan to introduce nuclear power on a large scale. Up to 2015, it will approve investment and locations, select contractors and train managers and technicians.

In the second phase to 2020, the country will finalize construction and put into operation the first 1000 MWe reactor at Phuoc Dinh in the southern Ninh Thuan province.

And by 2030, Vietnam wants to construct a further 13 power reactors. A second 1000 MWe unit at the Phuoc Dinh site will begin operating in 2012. Two further 1000 MWe units are planned there, with operation scheduled for 2023 and 2024 respectively. Four 1000 MWe reactors are also planned for Vinh Hai in the Ninh Hai district. The first two are slated to begin operating in 2021 and 2022, with the second pair starting up in 2024 and 2025

Vietnam not on list of countries with known uranium reserves

Vietnam is not listed as a country with known uranium reserves.

         tonnes U    percentage of world 
Australia   1,673,000   31% 
Kazakhstan    651,000   12% 
Canada        485,000    9% 
Russia        480,000    9%
South Africa  295,000    5%
Namibia       284,000    5% 
Brazil        279,000    5%
Niger         272,000    5% 
USA           207,000    4% 
China         171,000    3% 
Jordan        112,000    2% 
Uzbekistan    111,000    2%
Ukraine       105,000    2% 
India          80,000    1.5% 
Mongolia       49,000    1%
other         150,000    3% 
World total 5,404,000   

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