Acer Will Release Multiple Tablets Nov23 and targets 20% of tablet market

Acer plans to launch “multiple” tablet devices at an event in New York on Nov. 23, with different OSes and multiple form factors, the CEO Gianfranco Lanci said Friday. Acer is the number 2 computer maker behind HP and ahead of Dell.

Acer CEO Lanci is optimistic about tablet sales and forecast a market of 40 million to 50 million globally next year. Eventually, he believes, Acer can take a 15 percent to 20 percent share of the tablet market.

Acer’s tablet offerings will range from $299 to $699, effectively undercutting the starting price of Apple’s iPad by $200. The $299 price point is also home to many netbooks,

Previous rumors have had Acer trying three models, including a five-inch competitor to the Dell Streak, a seven-inch model with a hardware keyboard and a 10-inch version. They may use as much as a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 and may use the Gingerbread build of Android, which was just completed almost exactly a month before Acer’s event.

Lanci also commented on the impact of the decline in prices of computer components on the price of PCs for end users. Prices of a number of components that had been expensive most of the year, including DRAM chips and LCD panels, have fallen over the past several weeks, and are expected to continue to decline. PC buyers are likely to see better components in their new systems as a result.

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