Carnival of Nuclear Energy 24

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 24 is up at Idaho Samizdat

This site provided the latest data on OECD electricity generation with data up to the end of July 2010

Nuclear Green reviews the energy policies of the Obama Administration.

The Obama administration’s efforts to craft a ‘renewable energy standard’ ignored nuclear writes Jim Hopf at the ANS Nuclear Cafe.

Renewable Energy Standard (RES) in an effort to do something on energy issues. The RES would require that 15 percent of all U.S. electrical generation be provided by “renewable” sources by 2020. Currently, the definition of “renewable energy” does not include nuclear. As a means to achieve reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, air pollution, or foreign energy imports, an RES that excludes nuclear energy is about the worst policy one could possibly come up with. It is subjective, unfair, and is a very inefficient means for achieving the above goals.

Charles Barton lets us know that a widely publicized report on solar energy being more cost effective than nuclear is based on a flawed analysis. Errors in the NC WARN (North Carolina Waste Awareness Network) study included overestimating the average North Carolina Solar capacity factor, and subtracting Federal and States Subsidies from the Solar cost estimates, even though government subsidies are part of solar costs.

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