Ikanos and Nokia have separate ways to speed up DSL and cable communication over copper wires

Ikanos Unveils NodeScale™ Vectoring to Deliver Broadband at 100 Mbps and Beyond for One-Tenth the Cost of Fiber

By deploying Ikanos’ state-of the-art NodeScale Vectoring technology, service providers will be able to extend very high-speed Internet access and new critical services – including multiple high-definition television streams, distance learning, video conferencing, telemedicine, and more – without having to incur the high costs of installing complete fiber-to-the-home networks.

Nokia Siemens Networks has successfully tested a technology that could drastically increase the data carrying capacity of standard copper wires. The company achieved data transmission speeds of 825 megabits per second (Mbps) over 400 meters of bonded copper lines and 750 Mbps over 500 meters

Nokia Siemens Networks used circuits that involve the creation of a virtual – or ’phantom’ – channel to supplement the two physical wires that are the standard configuration for copper transmission lines.

Phantom DSL promises a bandwidth increase of 50-75% over existing bonded copper lines. This prolongs the life of copper networks, delaying the need for fiber rollout and protecting operator’s existing capital investments.

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