IMF has new GDP and PPP estimates

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You can click on the graphic to see what changes have been made in the new Oct 2010 GDP by PPP forecast against the April 2010 forecast on the left. The IMF increased its estimate for China by 2-3% and lowered the forecast slightly for the USA

Wikipedia has a list of the IMF projections for GDP and GDP by PPP.
The IMF is indicating that China will pass the United States GDP in PPP around 2015-2016. It would be 2015 if the IMF was consistently making underestimations that had to be revised upwards. China would pass the PPP of the combined EU about the same time. India is tracking to China’s growth path but about ten years behind.

Here are direct links to the IMF World Economic Outlook (Oct 2010).

* Africa’s Growth Is Accelerating from 5 to 5.5%.
* Asia and Latin America have solid growth

Here is a direct link to the IMF online data

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