India’s nuclear energy expansion gets funding and Germany’s nuclear reactors are officially extended

1. A October 28 agreement India’s PFC (Power Finance Corporation) intends to provide a combination of debt financing, equity financing and consultancy services to NPCIL, India’s sole nuclear operator. This should fund the expansion of India’s nuclear fleet of 19 reactors with a generating capacity of 4560 MWe to reach 9580 MWe by 2017. The company’s vision is for 20,000 MWe by 2020, and 60,000 MWe by 2032 based mainly on imports.

2. Germany’s nuclear power plants were assured extra operation by a vote yesterday in the Bundestag that completes a year-long change in the country’s nuclear policy.

Two amendments to the country’s Atomic Energy Act were approved on 28 October that will see the country’s 17 reactors operate for an average of 12 years longer. The terms of this include a new tax on nuclear fuel meant to reduce the ‘windfall’ profit from the change.

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