Malaria deaths in India and the World were underestimated

A new study published in the Lancet indicates that India’s annual deaths from Malaria were 125 000—277 000 instead of the previous World Health Estimate of 16,000 in India. alaria accounted for a substantial minority of about 1.3 million unattended rural fever deaths attributed to infectious diseases in people younger than 70 years. Malaria deaths happen out in the countryside. They’re invisible to the healthcare system.

The results suggest that some of the methods being used to fight malaria in Africa might work in India too. “Some [Indian] states are not enormously different to what we see in highly malarial areas in Africa, suggesting universal coverage with insecticide-treated bed nets and access to prompt treatment will be cost-effective

Indonesia probably also has an undercount. Worldwide malaria probably is killing closer to 1.5 million instead of prior estimates of 1 million each year.

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